Monday, January 18, 2010

Stay. 6b

What was going to happen?

She went outside carrying her ipod in her hand..

Boom boom pow ofcourse .

She got in the mood and started nodding her head slowly, but she stopped after seeing the “Halaga” that was on her way, you know what I mean! Messy hair but in an un-handsome way, cap turned backwards, torn out pants from the edges, and with the I am a man voice.

She lowered the music and walked past them with her head down not in a very obvious way, but in a way where there would be no eye contact..

Boy: Wain ray7a l7elwa * whistles *

“ WTH! Abaih mu mn 9ija! Shno hatha, al7een shasawi.. Oh oh, Basoom taught me a trick once.. Ee ee, what to say? Aloo yuba ee ashoofk? Ok ok “

She looked through her purse but her phone was nowhere to be found

“ SHIT! Al7een what to do? Oogaf a5iza? Oh in his dreams! Way way kahu waray bismillah bismillah “

He was definitely behind her, his footsteps fastened as hers did. She felt a tight grip on her arm. Just as she was about to turn around...

Faisal: La teltaftain, hatheel 7aywanat illi hnee, in iltifatay L7agooch

Boy: OOOOOOH 3INDINA BOYIFRIIIND BA3AAAD ( Bofriiiiind hah? :p )

“ Faisal definitely gave him a death stare just then, I could feel it. His grip even tightened on my arm, that it hurt a little bit, but that sure didn’t stop the hailigi illi mayisti7y 3ala wayha.. Madri wallah but I think, and I said I think that he pulled out his tounge to Faisal.. How childich! I wanted to laugh, but I couldn’t! Faisal being mad made it awkward.. Ba3dain why does he, among all people care? “

Faisal said in a very low voice that Sara could barely hear: 7mar

Sara giggled

Faisal: Tara ma ytha7ik!! Shloun chithee 6al3a la weyach mobile wala shay, la w ray7a mashi ba3ad! Shnawya tsaween broo7ch intay!!

By then they were at the entrance of the jam3eya..

Sara: Ma kint mt3amda ansa mobiley ya3ni! Ba3dain why do you care!?!

Faisal: I don’t! Omich i5tar3at w galatli ini ayeeblch lmobile!

Sara: Inzain 5ala9 6af, ma Sar shay !

Faisal sighed leaned against the wall getting her mobile out from his pocket..

Faisal: By the way, Hessa Il-Flani ts2al wainch?

Sara: you read my msgs?! :@

Faisal: Sh7aga m5alya mobilech blbait? :p

He then pulled out his tounge, now excuse me Sara, but THAT is childish! :p

She opened the convo between her and Hessa.. Hessa didn’t ask wainch, ma kan fee convo aslant! She never talked to her :p

Sara: Wain? Hessa ma galat wainch !

Faisal: w mn gal inha galat? :p

Sara: Inta!

Faisal: wana shdarani?!

Sara: You read my msgs!

Faisal: mn gal? :p

Sara: Ugh! :@

She went inside leaving him barra..


And I'm sorry for lateness. I just got my laptop fixed and the post was delted so i rewrote it :D


Dazzling~Life* said...

hahaha nice post:p

omg seriosuly zain yoom he found her before she getts into deeep shit;O

waitin for the next posttt sugaa;*

Stairway to heaven said...

Thanks :*
Eeh zain ligaha wila ma nadri shbi9eer :O

Anonymous said...

please kamleeha may9eer tra 7adi indimajt ba3dain faj2a u stopped posting ;p

Anonymous said...

ee plzzzzz come on you got us cliff hanged ;'(

Anonymous said...

true i've been waiting for months checking your blog almost every day yalla POST POST POST POST oo allah y5aleech make it extra long!! :D

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