Monday, January 18, 2010

Stay. 6b

What was going to happen?

She went outside carrying her ipod in her hand..

Boom boom pow ofcourse .

She got in the mood and started nodding her head slowly, but she stopped after seeing the “Halaga” that was on her way, you know what I mean! Messy hair but in an un-handsome way, cap turned backwards, torn out pants from the edges, and with the I am a man voice.

She lowered the music and walked past them with her head down not in a very obvious way, but in a way where there would be no eye contact..

Boy: Wain ray7a l7elwa * whistles *

“ WTH! Abaih mu mn 9ija! Shno hatha, al7een shasawi.. Oh oh, Basoom taught me a trick once.. Ee ee, what to say? Aloo yuba ee ashoofk? Ok ok “

She looked through her purse but her phone was nowhere to be found

“ SHIT! Al7een what to do? Oogaf a5iza? Oh in his dreams! Way way kahu waray bismillah bismillah “

He was definitely behind her, his footsteps fastened as hers did. She felt a tight grip on her arm. Just as she was about to turn around...

Faisal: La teltaftain, hatheel 7aywanat illi hnee, in iltifatay L7agooch

Boy: OOOOOOH 3INDINA BOYIFRIIIND BA3AAAD ( Bofriiiiind hah? :p )

“ Faisal definitely gave him a death stare just then, I could feel it. His grip even tightened on my arm, that it hurt a little bit, but that sure didn’t stop the hailigi illi mayisti7y 3ala wayha.. Madri wallah but I think, and I said I think that he pulled out his tounge to Faisal.. How childich! I wanted to laugh, but I couldn’t! Faisal being mad made it awkward.. Ba3dain why does he, among all people care? “

Faisal said in a very low voice that Sara could barely hear: 7mar

Sara giggled

Faisal: Tara ma ytha7ik!! Shloun chithee 6al3a la weyach mobile wala shay, la w ray7a mashi ba3ad! Shnawya tsaween broo7ch intay!!

By then they were at the entrance of the jam3eya..

Sara: Ma kint mt3amda ansa mobiley ya3ni! Ba3dain why do you care!?!

Faisal: I don’t! Omich i5tar3at w galatli ini ayeeblch lmobile!

Sara: Inzain 5ala9 6af, ma Sar shay !

Faisal sighed leaned against the wall getting her mobile out from his pocket..

Faisal: By the way, Hessa Il-Flani ts2al wainch?

Sara: you read my msgs?! :@

Faisal: Sh7aga m5alya mobilech blbait? :p

He then pulled out his tounge, now excuse me Sara, but THAT is childish! :p

She opened the convo between her and Hessa.. Hessa didn’t ask wainch, ma kan fee convo aslant! She never talked to her :p

Sara: Wain? Hessa ma galat wainch !

Faisal: w mn gal inha galat? :p

Sara: Inta!

Faisal: wana shdarani?!

Sara: You read my msgs!

Faisal: mn gal? :p

Sara: Ugh! :@

She went inside leaving him barra..


And I'm sorry for lateness. I just got my laptop fixed and the post was delted so i rewrote it :D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stay. 6a


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Well.. except for one


Latifa singing Ain't no mountain high *


" whaaaaaat " in her annoying whiny voice

" Did you use my Facebook account today? "

" No, but Jaz.. "


Jazi singing Ain't no sunshine *

" Jazi? "

" MU ANA! "


Jazi: " w-wallah I thought it was my account! I thought I signed you out, so I requested him. But I didn't know how to undo the request so I

just signed out! "

Sara: " Inzain.. You are no longer allowed to use my laptop :p "

Jazi: " So you're not angry? "

Sara: " No, I can remove him by a click of a button "

Jazi: " but he's going to find out eventually "

Latifa: " ee ya3ni Faisal's not stupid, Jazi friend requested him and then you remove him, it's like Hey I added you to take a look at your profile then I would remove you. TAKE THAT FAISAL! :p "

Sara: " Not at all. It would be like, oh did I add you? Hmmm.. well I guess not, then click click we are no longer friends "

Jazi: " it's up to you "

Latifa: " Kay, now back to the subject. Khalti Najeeba invited us over at Wednesday for.. umm.. ummm? "

Jazi: " dinner! "

Latifa: " ee dinner! "

Sara: " Inshallah :) "

Latifa: " Jaz! Let's watch a movie! "

Jazi: " Mali 5ilg "

Latifa: " Monopoly? "

Jazi: " HELL YEAH!! "

Sara: " wait wait, isn't today Tuesday? "

Latifa: " yeah, so? "

Sara: " yeah, I'm going to sleep :D "

Jazi: " Night Sara "

Sara: " Night Jaz "

She went to bed, had a good night's sleep. Woke up at 10:00 am, Her parents were out visiting her aunt, and Jazi and Latifa were sleeping.

She took a shower and her day passed normally, now it was 7:00 ..

Um 7amad: Yallah yumma tjahezaw

All: Inshallah yumma..

Sara wore her elegant beige dress, and applied her makeup which was light pink lipstick.. She believed in natural beauty.

She entered Najeeba's, or Faisal's house.

She salimat 3ala Khalat.ha Najeeba and sat next to Latifa..

That's weird.. Faisal's not here.

Um 7amad: wee! 7abeebti Sara nisaina nyeeb sheera 7ag leknafa! Goumay 7abeebti yeebay

Sara: Inshallah yuma..

She forgot her purse which had her car keys, mobile and wallet. She didn't realize that her wallet was inside her bag.

She decided to walk to the Jam3ya because they didn't have Sheere in their house.

To go to the Jam3eya, she would have to cross the park..

But what she didn't know was going to happen ..

Is something that you won't find out until next post :b

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